New Jersey Devils' Colin Miller achieves the hardest NHL shot at 102.59 mph.

In a hockey season of electrifying plays and record-breaking moments, New Jersey Devils’ defenseman Colin Miller has etched his name into the NHL annals with the hardest shot recorded this season.

At the Saturday game against the Dallas Stars, Miller unleashed a blistering slapshot clocked at 102.59 miles per hour, making it the fastest in a game this season and in three seasons of NHL EDGE stats data.

Miller’s monumental shot dethroned the previous record held by Tampa Bay Lightning’s Darren Raddysh, who had set the bar at 102.40 mph against the Minnesota Wild just days earlier. Before Raddysh, the title of the hardest shot was held by St. Louis Blues’ Colton Parayko with a 101.95 mph strike in March 2022. Earlier this season, Anaheim Ducks’ Radko Gudas made waves with a 101.69 mph shot against the Arizona Coyotes. Interestingly, Gudas also boasted the hardest shot attempt in an NHL game last season (101.71 mph) while donning the Florida Panthers’ colors.

Miller’s feat not only showcases his formidable skill and strength but also highlights the escalating competition among NHL defensemen in the power department. As teams and players continue to leverage technology and training to push the boundaries of their abilities, the NHL continues to be a stage for spectacular and record-shattering performances.

Top 10 Hardest Shots this season

  1. Colin Miller 102.59
  2. Darren Raddysh 102.40
  3. Radko Gudas 101.69
  4. Erik Karlsson 101.54
  5. Travis Sanheim 101.49
  6. Kasperi Kapanen 101.36
  7. Victor Hedman 101.36
  8. Jeff Petry 101.29
  9. Tage Thompson 101.09
  10. Brandon Montour 100.99

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Stay tuned, as the NHL journey is full of surprises, and with talents like Colin Miller on the ice, the spectacle of the NHL is more thrilling than ever.

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