Picture of Mark Scheifele.
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Boston Bruins have the team not having the assets to trade for Winnipeg Jets Mark Scheifele.

The Boston Bruins are looking to add a first-line center to their lineup, but with no salary cap room and few trade assets, it is hard to imagine GM Don Sweeney pulling off a blockbuster trade.

The Bruins have been linked to Mark Scheifele, Jean-Gabriel Pageau, and Elias Lindholm, but nothing has materialized from these NHL trade rumors.

Mark Scheifele is not coming to the Boston Bruins

Ken Wiebe of Sportsnet reports that it is unlikely the Boston Bruins will trade for Mark Scheifele.

Wiebe went on to say in his online piece that he just can’t see a trade happening because the Bruins have no trade assets to offer the Jets.

If Scheifele does not re-sign with the Winnipeg Jets, NHL trade rumors suggest the Boston Bruins will target him in free agency next summer.

What are NHL fans saying about Mark Scheifele not coming to the Boston Bruins?

The Bruins should just leave the team as status quo. They will still make the playoffs and target players next offseason when they have more salary cap room.

Mark Scheifele will be traded at the NHL trade deadline to the highest bidder and it will not be the Boston Bruins.

We should be all-in for Scheifele. If we are still Stanley Cup contenders, Sweeney must do whatever is possible to get Scheifele on our team.

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  1. My god, first Scheifele’s coming to Boston than he’s not. This has been going on all summer sports writers fantasies. They make it up and then tear it down. Surely there must be something else going on than Aesop’s fairytales.So far there’s been approximately at least a dozen sports writers, Murphy’s the worst, they make up these things, only a few days later to proclaim it ain’t happening. Cut it out! You’re giving me a headache! Knowing Sweeney we’ll most likely end up with Toews.


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