Picture of Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Martin Jones making a save.
In the latest Toronto Maple Leafs news the team was able to keep goaltender Martin Jones after he was put on waivers.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, known for their hefty pockets, recently pulled off a clever maneuver to retain their backup goaltender, Martin Jones.

Facing the possibility of losing Jones on waivers this past weekend, the team offered him a $100,000 signing bonus due the day after the waiver period ended when he signed his contract on August 9, 2023. This seemingly small financial gesture, saved the Leafs from losing Jones to a team like the Tampa Bay Lightning when he was put on waivers.

Why did the Leafs offer Martin Jones a $100K signing bonus?

Recognizing Martin Jones’s value and the potential risk of losing him to another team, when the NHL season starts, the Maple Leafs made a genious move.

By offering Jones a $100,000 signing bonus due just after the waiver period’s conclusion, they made it financially unappealing for other teams to claim him. This move effectively deterred any potential claims and allowed Toronto to retain their dependable backup goaltender.

Martin Jones gives the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie stability

Having a reliable backup goaltender like Martin Jones is crucial for the Leafs success. With Ilya Samsonov battling injuries over the course of his career, having a competent third string goalie in the net is essential.

Jones, 33, is expected to play in the AHL for the Toronto Marlies as Joesph Woll is expected to backup Samsonov in the NHL.

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