Picture of Jean-Gabriel Pageau. Will he be traded to the Boston Bruins?
The latest NHL trade rumors has Jean-Gabriel Pageau being traded to the Boston Bruins for forward Jake DeBrusk.

The New York Islanders have been pretty quiet all offseason but NHL trade rumors are starting to make the rounds that GM Lou Lamoriello has let teams know that Jean-Gabriel Pageau is available for a trade.

It seems that the Isles are attempting to free up some salary cap space and add a skilled winger to their roster. The Boston Bruins may be a potential destination for Pageau.

Will Jean-Gabriel Pageau be traded to the Boston Bruins?

Stefen Rosner of The Hockey News is reporting that the New York Islanders are in trade talks with the Boston Bruins. The Bruins are looking for a center to replace David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron.

NHL trade rumors suggest that a Jake DeBrusk for Jean-Gabriel Pageau trade could be in the works.

Although Pageau has a 16-team no-trade clause, it is probable that he would agree to be traded to the Bruins.

What are NHL fans saying about a Jean-Gabriel Pageau trade to the Boston Bruins?

Jean-Gabriel Pageau is a solid forward and needs to get out of Long Island. He would be a great addition to the Bruins.

Pageau needs to stay in New York. He is one of the most important players on the team. I like Jake DeBrusk but Pageau more.
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Make the trade. Both players need a change of scenery. The trade makes sense for both teams.

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  1. As others have said.. I wouldn’t be able to justify a one for one trade from the Bruins side. 17 goals and 40 points is solid. Good two way player, but Debrusk can go out and get you 25-30 goals every year now that his heads on straight. He’s much younger. Stays healthy. The Bruins need a center, but overpaying in trades to fill a need will get you fired real quick. I’ll use Debrusk as a trade chip, but we better be getting back a real good player in return. Get younger, Keep your young studs, and live with the results. The future’s already mortgaged. Don’t need to be trading away the young guys we have for 3/4 value.

  2. I believe the bruins can do better as well Although Pageau is a step up from Coyle, Coyle is a third liner and top notch 3rd liner. If they don’t land Scheifele or Lindholm don’t even bother. It’s just a temp fill in

  3. Jake Debrusk can get the Bruins a better center. Pageaus age, injury history and numbers aren’t good enough. Coyle had more points and a way better plus minus than Pageau. Isles need to add a draft pick or more if they want the scoring speedy winger. I can’t see a one for one being fair for the Bruins.


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