Jake Guentzel in action, surrounded by trade rumors as NHL deadline approaches
Get the latest on Jake Guentzel trade rumors before the NHL trade deadline. Insights on potential deals, teams interested, and contract scenarios.

As the March 8, 2024 NHL trade deadline looms, the Pittsburgh Penguins find themselves at a crossroads with forward Jake Guentzel.

According to Rob Rossi of The Athletic, Guentzel’s agent has hinted that the 29-year-old might not be donning the Penguins jersey for much longer. Guentzel, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, faces a critical decision in his career.

Currently, Guentzel has three paths before him: testing the free-agent market, being traded by the deadline, or signing a contract extension with the Penguins. Each option carries its own set of implications, not just for Guentzel but for the entire structure of the Penguins’ roster.

Exploring Jake Guentzel’s Future: Trade Rumors and Potential Moves

Financially, Guentzel is in a strong position. Earning an average annual value of $6 million, there’s a belief, as Rossi points out, that Guentzel could see a significant increase in his next deal, potentially reaching $8 million per year. The Penguins have the option of offering him a maximum of eight years, while other teams can only go as high as seven. This difference could be a deciding factor in Guentzel’s choice.

The NHL trade rumor mill is abuzz, with teams like the Seattle Kraken, Colorado Avalanche, and New York Islanders reportedly showing interest in Guentzel. Each of these teams presents a unique opportunity for Guentzel, whether it’s the emerging market in Seattle, the Stanley Cup contending Avs, or the Islanders, who are always on the lookout for additional scoring.

Guentzel’s skill set makes him a highly coveted asset. His ability to score, combined with his playoff experience, adds immense value to any team looking to bolster their roster for a playoff push. The Penguins, meanwhile, face the challenge of balancing their desire to remain competitive with the need to manage their salary cap effectively.

As the deadline approaches, the situation remains fluid. Pittsburgh Penguins GM Kyle Dubas is known for his strategic moves, and dealing Guentzel could be part of a larger plan to refresh their roster. However, the possibility of extending his contract can’t be dismissed, given his significant contributions to the team over the years.

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