Picture of Montreal Canadiens goalie Jake Allen making a save. Will he be traded to the Edmonton Oilers?
Explore the buzz around Jake Allen's potential trade to the Oilers, a strategic move that could solidify Edmonton's goaltending.

As NHL rumors pick up speed, the buzz around the Montreal Canadiens’ goalie Jake Allen is intensifying, with a potential move to the Edmonton Oilers becoming a hot topic among NHL insiders.

With Allen’s contract carrying a cap hit of $3.85-million until the end of next season, the trade rumors suggest that the Oilers, in desperate need for a goaltending revamp, might find their missing puzzle piece in Allen.

Analyzing the Potential Impact of Jake Allen Joining the Oilers

The speculation has been fueled by discussions on The Jeff Marek Show, where Sportsnet’s Eric Engels pinpointed Jake Allen as the ideal candidate to stabilize the Oilers’ crease.

The current scenario sees Jack Campbell struggling to find his form that has seen him being put on waivers and demoted to the minors.

Engels proposed that a deal involving Connor Brown and a prospect, along with another player or draft pick, could balance the salaries and enhance the trade’s appeal for both teams.

Allen, known for his agility and consistent play, could provide the steadiness the Oilers crave. The Canadiens are in a rebuild, and acquiring future assets while offloading a veteran’s contract aligns with their strategy.

For the Oilers, the addition of Jake Allen could be the catalyst to find the winning ways for the Oilers while offering a blend of experience and reliability to their back end. It’s a trade that makes sense on paper and could very well materialize.

A Jake Allen trade to the Edmonton Oilers would not only solve a critical need but also send a message to the fan base and other teams in their division that the team is serious about a long playoff run.

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