Will Jack Campbell be traded to the Montreal Canadiens?
Discover the strategic implications of a Jack Campbell trade to Montreal for both the Oilers and Canadiens.

The hockey world is abuzz with NHL trade rumors about Jack Campbell heading to Montreal. This speculated trade is a significant shift for both teams, involving players and future prospects through draft picks.

The proposed trade would see the Edmonton Oilers send goaltender Jack Campbell, a second-round pick in 2024, and a third-round pick in 2025 to the Montreal Canadiens. In exchange, the Oilers would acquire forward Joel Armia and goaltender Samuel Montembeault. But the trade’s hinge point is Campbell’s agreement to waive his no-trade clause, a crucial step given the weight of his contract.

The trade is essentially an exchange of burdensome contracts, yet it could yield some surprising benefits. Campbell’s tenure with Edmonton has been less than stellar, and a change in scenery might be what both he and the teams involved need to recalibrate.

For the Canadiens, Joel Armia’s departure opens up possibilities. Armia brings size and an underutilized potential that playing alongside Connor McDavid could ignite. The Edmonton faithful will hope that the allure of skating with “McJesus” might inspire a resurgence in Armia’s performance.

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Impact of the Jack Campbell Trade on Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers

From a strategic standpoint, Edmonton could be set to win more games post-Campbell trade. Montembeault is not only a competent NHL goalie but also comes with a cheaper contract that expires soon, providing the Oilers with more flexibility in cap space.

The Canadiens, meanwhile, are afforded the opportunity to buy out Campbell’s contract in June if they choose. This move adds a couple of draft picks to their war chest and allows them to evaluate prospects, like Cayden Primeau. Primeau’s performance will be under scrutiny, but with goalie Jakub Dobes waiting in the wings, Montreal might have additional goalie insurance.

This speculated trade is a calculated risk for both the Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadiens. Each team is looking to optimize its lineup and financials, banking on the hope that a change of roster will reinvigorate the players involved.

What are fans saying about this potential blockbuster deal between the Canadiens and the Oilers?

I wouldn’t do this if I was in Habs management. At 27, Montembeault is hitting his prime. I dont ever see him as a star number 1, but I think he can be a decent starter

I like the proposed trade but I think it is Primeau’s time to move on, give him a chance elsewhere.

I don’t think the Habs are giving up Montembeault and not sure Campbell can handle the pressure in Montreal.

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