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Could Brock Nelson be leaving the Islanders? We look at 3 reasons why this summer could see him traded.

The New York Islanders squeaked into the playoffs this season, and it’s led to speculation about potential major changes. Noted NHL insider Larry Brooks of the New York Post believes general manager Lou Lamoriello may need to shake things up, and a trade involving Brock Nelson could be in the works.

Brooks has long praised Nelson’s work ethic, leadership, and commitment to the Islanders organization. The 32-year-old has spent his entire 11-year career with the franchise and has been a model player. However, with the team underperforming, his name is surfacing more and more frequently in the rumor mill.

3 Reasons the New York Islanders Could Trade Brock Nelson

  • Need for change: The Islanders are a veteran team that seems to have plateaued. Moving a core piece like Nelson signifies a change in direction. It would free up salary cap space and roster room for potential younger replacements.
  • Trade Value: Nelson is still a valuable top-six forward with good goal-scoring ability. Teams in playoff contention in need of scoring depth would likely be interested in his services. Since he’ll be a full-season rental before becoming a UFA in 2025, he could fetch a good return.
  • Contract Situation: While Nelson does have a 16-team no-trade clause, he might be open to waiving it to join a contending team with a greater opportunity for playoff success.

The Islanders are a storied franchise, and trading a long-time player like Nelson will be a difficult decision. However, if the front office believes a shakeup is necessary, the benefits of a move could outweigh the risks.

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