Joel Edmundson
The Montreal Canadiens are receiving tempting offers for defenceman Joel Edmundson. Will they trade him or keep him?

NHL trade rumours are making the rounds that Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes is getting calls about the availability of defenceman Joel Edmundson.

Edmundson, 29, is a big, 6’5″ 224 pound gritty defenceman who can clear the front on the net for the Habs goalies. If Montreal were to trade Edmundson, they would lack a tough defender.

Will Joel Edmundson be traded?

Edmundson was just given the “A” by team management so it is likely the Habs would like to keep him around for his leadership skills and mentor Nick Suzuki.

That being said, anybody is tradeable and as the season chugs along and the Montreal Canadiens approach the NHL trade deadline, you can expect teams will be calling about the availability of Edmundson.

If the Habs are getting “tempting offers” right now, they should be able to get a good haul in an Edmundson trade at the deadline.


I’m not saying that Joel Edmundson is going to be traded, but I can tell you that there are some tempting offers. 
They could continue to become more attractive in the coming months.”

Renaud Lavoie, TVA Sports’

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