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Elias Pettersson trade talks heat up! What will it take to land the Canucks' star?

The Elias Pettersson contract saga in Vancouver is far from over. The Canucks are eager to re-sign their star center, but the lack of progress is fueling intense NHL trade rumors. With reports surfacing that Pettersson isn’t ready to commit to a new deal, teams are lining up to pry the Swedish superstar away from the Canucks.

Elliotte Friedman’s comments on Sportsnet’s Saturday Headlines have only added fuel to the fire. Teams are actively inquiring about Pettersson’s availability, sensing an opportunity if the Canucks can’t lock him up long-term. Vancouver insists they’re committed to signing Pettersson, even hinting at a willingness to offer a massive contract in the $11-12 million AAV range.

What Will It Take to Land Elias Pettersson?

So, what would it take for a team to acquire Pettersson? There’s no doubt the asking price would be astronomical. Any deal would likely involve a combination of the following:

  • Top-tier young NHL talent: Think star prospects or players in the first few years of their career
  • Multiple high draft picks: Possibly including multiple first-round selections
  • Established NHL roster players: Teams would need to sweeten the pot with proven talent

The clock is ticking for the Canucks. If they can’t find common ground with Pettersson before the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, the pressure to consider a blockbuster trade will intensify. This is a situation that every NHL GM will be watching closely.

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