Edmonton Oilers considering trade for St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington - NHL trade rumors and analysis.
Explore the latest NHL trade rumor: Edmonton Oilers eyeing St. Louis Blues' goalie Jordan Binnington. Get analysis and potential impact.

The NHL rumors mill is buzzing with the potential of the Edmonton Oilers making a significant goaltending upgrade. In a recent “32 Thoughts” column by Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet, there’s speculation that the Oilers have their sights set on St. Louis Blues’ starter Jordan Binnington.

This move, however, raises questions about the team’s strategy and the logistics of such a trade.

Jordan Binnington, known for his pivotal role in the Blues’ 2019 Stanley Cup victory, has displayed impressive skills throughout his career. His current season stats, showcase a goaltender still capable of performing at a high level. This season, Binnington has maintained a solid save percentage and goals-against average, despite the Blues’ fluctuating team performance. His career stats further underline his value, with a noteworthy save percentage and an enviable number of wins, including those critical playoff victories.

Jordan Binnington: A Potential Game Changer for the Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers’ interest in Binnington suggests a desire to solidify their goaltending, a crucial factor in their quest for a deeper playoff run. However, the trade’s feasibility hinges on several factors. Binnington’s $6 million average annual value is a significant financial commitment. Moreover, the Blues would need a viable replacement for him, and Elliotte Friedman doubts they would be interested in the Oilers’ Jack Campbell as part of the deal.

For the Oilers, acquiring Binnington could be a game-changer, potentially elevating their defensive game and providing the stability needed for playoff success. However, the complexity of this trade scenario, including the financial implications and the Blues’ requirements, makes it an intriguing yet challenging prospect.

What are NHL fans saying about a Jordan Binnington trade to Edmonton

I say no to a Binnington trade.  He is an inconsistent nut job & his numbers were not good last year.

I say let the Oilers run with Skinner for a while and see what he can do. Campbell’s contract has pooched the Oilers, they don’t have the cap space to take on Binnington contract.

Oilers are a mess. I am soooooooo hoping for the San Jose Sharks to beat them tonight. I just want to see the Oilers fan base lose it!

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