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Edmonton Oilers eyeing Cody Ceci for trade to manage cap space after signing new contracts for key players. Explore the latest Oilers trade rumors.

The Edmonton Oilers are making headlines this offseason with their efforts to manage the salary cap. Following the trade of Ryan McLeod to the Buffalo Sabres last week, the Oilers are not done yet.

New contracts for restricted free agents Dylan Holloway and Philip Broberg will push the team over the $88 million cap, necessitating further cost-cutting measures. One name prominently mentioned in trade discussions is defenseman Cody Ceci.

Cody Ceci Trade Rumors Heat Up as Oilers Look to Cut Costs

David Staples of the Edmonton Journal suggests that Cody Ceci, with a cap hit of $3.25 million, is a prime candidate for trade. At 30 years old, Ceci brings experience and a dependable presence to the blue line, making him an attractive option for teams seeking to bolster their defense.

Staples points out that Ceci’s performance in the playoffs was notably better than his regular season play, which could enhance his trade value.

Ceci’s potential departure is not just about shedding salary but also about maintaining the team’s competitiveness. With new contracts for Holloway and Broberg on the horizon, the Oilers need to free up cap space to stay under the cap. Trading Ceci could provide the necessary relief while also bringing in assets that could benefit the team in the long run.

The market for a defenseman like Ceci is expected to be robust. His reliable playoff performance has not gone unnoticed, and several teams in need of defensive depth could be interested. The Oilers will need to balance the immediate need for cap space with the potential return they could get for Ceci, whether in the form of draft picks or prospects.

The coming weeks will be crucial for the Oilers as they navigate these trade discussions. The management’s ability to execute a trade that balances financial constraints with on-ice competitiveness will be key to their success in the upcoming season.

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