Adam Henrique in Anaheim Ducks jersey during NHL game
Could Adam Henrique bolster the Oilers? Latest trade rumors, analysis, and why this deal makes sense for Edmonton.

The NHL trade rumor mill is churning, and the latest whispers suggest the Edmonton Oilers are in serious talks with the rebuilding Anaheim Ducks about a deal centered around the veteran forward, Adam Henrique.

NHL rumors indicate the potential framework of a trade could involve the Oilers sending promising young forward Dylan Holloway, a 2024 second-round pick, and a 2024 third-round pick to Anaheim in exchange for Henrique with the Ducks retaining 50% of his salary.

Why Anaheim Does the Deal

The Ducks are in full asset accumulation mode, prioritizing the future. Dylan Holloway offers significant potential as a young, dynamic forward, and a second-round selection is always a coveted asset at the draft floor. Adding the extra third-rounder helps offset the costs of the salary retention for Anaheim.

Why Edmonton Pulls the Trigger

The Oilers’ need for a third-line center with playoff experience has been readily apparent. Henrique brings leadership, a two-way game, and a track record of playoff production. While his contract isn’t cheap, this move addresses a significant gap in Edmonton’s lineup as they gear up for a deep postseason run.

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