David Perron of Detroit Red Wings facing potential NHL suspension for cross-checking Artem Zub of Ottawa Senators in recent game.
Exploring the likely suspension duration for David Perron after his cross-check on Artem Zub.

The Detroit Red Wings are facing a challenging situation as forward David Perron has been offered an in-person hearing by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for his recent cross-checking incident involving Ottawa Senators defenseman Artem Zub. This development follows a tense moment during Saturday’s game, where Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin took a hit from Senators forward Mathieu Joseph and was subsequently pushed into Ottawa’s Parker Kelly, leading to a concerning injury for Larkin.

Perron’s response to the incident was immediate and severe, leading to a match penalty for intent to injure after he cross-checked Zub in the side of the head. While the Red Wings are already navigating a tough season, with Perron contributing seven goals and 13 points in 26 games, this potential suspension could further impact their performance.

On the other side, Artem Zub, with two goals and eight points in 15 appearances, has already faced challenges this season, including a concussion from a previous game. The physicality of the NHL is always a topic of debate, and incidents like these bring the discussion of player safety back into the spotlight.

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David Perron’s Potential Suspension Length for Cross-Checking Artem Zub

The key question now is: How many games will David Perron be suspended for his actions? Given the nature of the offense and Perron’s status as a veteran player, the league’s response could be a significant one.

The Department of Player Safety has a history of being unpredictable in its rulings, but given the visible intent and the severity of the cross-check, a multi-game suspension seems likely.

This incident not only affects the Red Wings’ roster and their strategies moving forward but also raises broader questions about the enforcement of rules and player safety measures in the NHL.

As we await the official decision, the implications for both Perron and the Red Wings could be substantial, potentially influencing trade talks and team dynamics as the season progresses.

Video of David Perron cross-checking Atrem Zub

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