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re the Canadiens and Stars cooking up a deal? Latest NHL trade rumors suggest David Savard could be heading to Dallas.

The NHL trade rumor mill is buzzing, and this time it’s the Montreal Canadiens and Dallas Stars taking center stage. Rumors around the league indicates that the two teams could be nearing a significant deal centered on defenseman David Savard.

The Canadiens, in the midst of a rebuild, may be looking to move veteran pieces for valuable future assets. Savard, the seasoned right-shot defenseman, carries playoff experience and provides both leadership and a physical edge to the blue line. While not a dominant offensive force, he does provide some secondary scoring.

Canadiens and Stars: Is a Savard headed to Dallas?

On the Stars’ side, they’re pushing for a deep playoff run but feel they need more defensive depth and grit to truly compete for the Stanley Cup. Joel Hanley could be the expendable piece, and moving him would clear salary cap space to accommodate Savard. Moreover, the attractive part of the deal for the Habs is the inclusion of the Dallas Stars’ 2024 first-round pick in the trade.

For Montreal, forward Jesse Ylonen could be an intriguing inclusion. This talented young Finn carries offensive upside, showcasing potential in the AHL to become a steady NHL contributor. He could blossom with more opportunity in Dallas.

It’s worth noting that while this potential trade looks solid on paper, several factors could derail it. Each team’s playoff aspirations, changing injury situations, and last-minute offers from other clubs could come into play as we get closer to the trade deadline. However, there’s enough smoke here to suggest that Montreal and Dallas might be the teams to watch in the next few days.

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