Breaking Down the Flames-Devils Mega Trade Rumors: Future Meets Present
Exploring the rumored NHL trade between Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils, involving Tanev, Markstrom, Holtz, and a 2024 first-round pick.

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, whispers of a monumental trade between the Calgary Flames and the New Jersey Devils are making waves in the NHL trade rumors world.

The rumored deal involves the Flames sending defenseman Chris Tanev (with 50% of his salary retained) and goaltender Jacob Markstrom to the Devils. In return, the Flames would receive forward Alexander Holtz and a 2024 first-round pick from the Devils.

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Breaking Down the Flames-Devils Mega Trade Rumors: Future Meets Present

Why does this trade make sense for both teams? Let’s dive in.

The New Jersey Devils are in a “win now” mode. Securing a reliable #1 goaltender and a top-tier defenseman could be the missing pieces in their quest for a deep playoff run. Jacob Markstrom, with his experience and proven track record, could provide the stability in the net that the Devils crave. Chris Tanev, known for his shot-blocking and defensive prowess, would be a valuable asset in bolstering the Devils’ blue line.

On the other side, the Calgary Flames appear to be eyeing the future. By acquiring a promising young talent like Alexander Holtz, the Flames add a potential high-scoring forward to their roster. Holtz, a former first-round pick himself, has shown glimpses of his scoring ability and could thrive with increased opportunities in Calgary. The addition of a 2024 first-round pick gives the Flames another asset to utilize, whether at the draft table or in future trade negotiations.

This trade seems to be a classic case of one team gearing up for immediate success while the other retools for the future. The Devils would address their immediate needs by adding depth and experience to their roster. The Flames, meanwhile, would acquire valuable assets that align with their long-term vision.

In conclusion, this rumored trade has the potential to significantly impact both the Calgary Flames and the New Jersey Devils. It’s a blend of present needs and future hopes, a dance between immediate impact and long-term gain.

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  1. No thanks. This team is too beat up. They d, even with Tanev, is suspect due to youth and inexperience. Why mortgage future of holtz and 1sr round pick for a shot at playoffs and 1st rd exit. Wait for off-season and go after a sold too 4 shit down dman and goalie.


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