Noah Hanifin in Flames gear discussing strategy, hinting at potential trade to New Jersey Devils
Explore the latest NHL trade rumors between the Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils, involving a potential swap for Noah Hanifin.

In the swirling vortex of NHL trade rumors, a fascinating story is developing between the Calgary Flames and the New Jersey Devils. Despite previous discussions surrounding Flames goalie Jacob Markstrom not coming to fruition, the two teams haven’t put an end to their trade talks. The spotlight has now shifted towards defenseman Noah Hanifin, with the Devils emerging as a strong contender for his services.

Noah Hanifin, known for his solid defensive play and ability to contribute offensively, has caught the eye of the New Jersey Devils. The Devils are in a unique position where they can absorb Hanifin’s contract while also offering the assets Calgary is interested in. This makes them an ideal trading partner for the Flames, who are looking to shake up their roster for a better fit or future considerations.

Breaking Down the Flames-Devils Trade Talks: Noah Hanifin’s Potential Move

The proposed trade is quite significant and involves the New Jersey Devils sending rookie Alexander Holtz along with a 2024 first-round pick to Calgary in exchange for Noah Hanifin. Holtz, a promising young talent, could provide the Flames with a much-needed offensive boost and a glimpse into their future core. The first-round pick, on the other hand, is an enticing asset that could help Calgary in rebuilding or retooling their team for future success.

This trade rumor is not just a simple exchange of players; it represents a strategic move for both teams. For the Devils, acquiring Hanifin would solidify their defense, adding depth and skill to their backline as they aim for a deeper playoff run. For the Flames, this trade could signify a shift towards a younger, dynamic team with a focus on long-term competitiveness.

As we delve deeper into this rumor, it’s clear that both teams have a lot to gain from such a trade. The Flames would acquire potential future stars and assets, while the Devils would strengthen their defense, making them a more formidable team in the Eastern Conference.

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  1. The Devils would be foolish to give up Holtz and a pick for a Dman and a question mark in goal. If they don’t get a goalie, they shouldn’t bother.


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