: Chris Tanev in Calgary Flames jersey, speculation on trade status
Get the latest on why the Calgary Flames are not ready to trade Chris Tanev.

The Calgary Flames have indicated that defenseman Chris Tanev is not currently available for trade. This decision, as reported by TSN’s NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun, highlights the team’s strategy to wait and see how the trade market evolves.

At 33, Tanev’s value in the market is a topic of considerable interest. Presently valued at a second-round pick, there is potential for this to escalate to a first-round pick, especially given the increasing interest in this seasoned blueliner.

NHL Rumors: Chris Tanev linked to the Toronto Maple Leafs

Calgary Flames’ Strategic Patience with Chris Tanev’s Trade Situation

His experience and resilience on the ice make him a valuable asset, particularly for teams looking to bolster their defensive line.

One such team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. General Manager Brad Treliving has expressed interest in Tanev, placing him high on the list of potential acquisitions to address the team’s injury challenges. Additionally, the Vancouver Canucks have shown preliminary interest, though it remains to be seen how this will develop.

Tanev’s current injury, sustained in a game against the Colorado Avalanche, adds an element of uncertainty to his trade value. Listed as day-to-day, the impact of this injury on his market value will largely depend on the duration of his recovery.

The Calgary Flames’ stance on not rushing into a trade involving Chris Tanev signifies a calculated approach to the trade market. The team is clearly weighing its options and the potential benefits of a trade, keeping a close eye on Tanev’s recovery and market interest. This strategic patience could very well lead to a more advantageous deal for the Flames, should they decide to proceed with a trade in the future.

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