Centre Brandon Dubinsky has signed a six-year contract extension with the Columbus Blue Jackets worth an average annual value (AAV) of $5.85 million. His contract also includes no-move and no-trade clauses.

Dubinsky, 28, had 16 goals and added 34 assists over 76 games with the Blue Jackets last season.

Fan Reactions about the Dubinsky signing:

@AnthonyMingioni: Columbus make long term commitment to Brandon Dubinsky. 6 year deal at $5.85 AAV. NMC/NTC included

@RFCapsMoustache: I’m sure he deserves it, but why does $5.85 mil/year for Brandon Dubinsky sound like an overpayment?

@aoreilly61: F**k yes!!!! Huge congratulations to Brandon Dubinsky for signing a 6 year extension with the Blue Jackets so excited. Love you Dubi!


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