Ivan Provorov Blue Jackets jersey facing off against Vegas Golden Knights
Are the Golden Knights eyeing Provorov? Inside the potential trade that could reshape both teams.

The offseason NHL trade rumor mill is churning out a blockbuster possibility: Ivan Provorov heading to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a package centered around a first-round pick and promising prospects.

With the Columbus Blue Jackets entrenched in a rebuild, moving on from Provorov, who is heading for unrestricted free agency in 2025-26, makes sense. The Blue Jackets would recoup valuable assets to accelerate their rebuild.

For Vegas, this deal hinges on the potential departure of Noah Hanifin. If Hanifin leaves as a free agent to Boston, as some rumors suggest, Provorov slots in as a solid replacement. Vegas aims to acquire Provorov in the offseason, then convince him to sign a long-term extension ahead of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft where they could fetch even more in a subsequent trade.

Could This Blockbuster Trade Shake Up the NHL Entry draft?

Why the Blue Jackets do it:

  • Asset Accumulation: They load up on a first-round pick and the intriguing prospects Kaedan Korczak and Matyas Sapovaliv in return for a player likely to leave.
  • Salary Relief: With 50% of Provorov’s salary retained, they gain some cap flexibility for their rebuild.

Why the Golden Knights do it:

  • Contingency Plan: It’s a calculated gamble if Hanifin departs – they gain a quality defenseman with upside who provides offense and playing on a stacked defense.
  • Salary Cap Relief: With the Blue Jackets retaining 50% of Provorov’s salary for next season, Vegas gets some vital cap space to use for next season.

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