Barry Trotz Vancouver head coach
Will Barry Trotz become the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

With the Vancouver Canucks winless to start the season and the fan base irate, what can team management do to shake up the team?

It is extremely hard to trade players at this point of the season, so the most logical option the team will do is fire the head coach.

Will the Vancouver Canucks hire Barry Trotz?

Elliotte Friedman was on his 32 Thoughts Podcast and he speculates that the Vancouver Cancuks have got to be looking for another head coach.

Friedman feels that it is being discussed but that doesn’t mean they’re going to do it, but they have to be looking at it.

The Canucks had a brutal training camp where people saw issues with the team and how they prepared and it has carried over into the regular season.

Barry Trotz has recently stated he wants to come back to coaching but would prefer to come back around Christmas time. Trotz should be #1 on the Cancucks head coach shopping list but can they wait until Christmas for a coaching change?

But the Canadian teams — you’re under the microscope.
I think it takes a special coach, special player, to play in Canada because there’s a different pressure.

Barry Trotz on coaching in Canada

Could Barry Trotz coach an original six team?

If the Canucks cannot convince Barry Trotz to take over the head coaching duties ASAP, Trotz has mentioned he would be intrigued to coach an original six team.

If the Toronto Maple Leafs continue to struggle, could Barry Trotz coaching the Leafs be an option? This is something to also keep an eye on.

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