A desolate patch of land marked as the proposed site for the Arizona Coyotes arena
No water, sewer, flooding risk: Arizona Coyotes' arena bid stalls. Could Salt Lake City or Quebec City steal the team?

The Arizona Coyotes‘ saga of arena misfortunes continues to unfold. Their bid to develop a new entertainment district and arena complex in Scottsdale faces a major roadblock: the proposed site lacks basic water and sewer infrastructure and is situated in a potential flood zone.

This latest setback casts severe doubt on the feasibility of the Arizona Coyotes arena project. It means significant delays, with the arena not projected to be ready until at least the 2027 season. That translates to five full seasons playing in their temporary home, the 5,000-seat Mullett Arena on the Arizona State University campus. For a franchise already struggling with attendance and market viability, this extended stay in an inadequate venue is a major blow.

Arizona Coyotes Arena Project Stalls – Relocation Looms?

The question on everyone’s minds: Will this be the final straw that pushes the Arizona Coyotes toward relocation? Salt Lake City, Utah, has made no secret of its desire to land an NHL franchise. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has long favored expansion or relocation into western markets and Salt Lake City would be a logical fit. On the other hand, Quebec City, hungry for the return of their beloved Nordiques, will likely not have a shot at relocating the Yotes.

The Coyotes’ arena predicament is an unfolding drama with high stakes for the franchise and the NHL’s league-wide landscape. Their struggles offer a cautionary tale about the importance of stable arena situations when assessing a team’s long-term health.

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