Alex Ovechkin in action, showcasing his skillful gameplay during the NHL 2023-24 season
Explore our expert analysis on whether Alex Ovechkin will surpass 20 goals in the NHL 2023-24 season, including his current stats and historical achievements.

As the NHL season progresses, all eyes are on Alex Ovechkin and his pursuit to add to his legendary goal-scoring record. Currently tied with Dylan Strome for the Washington Capitals lead with 31 points in 44 games, Ovechkin’s nine goals this season are notably lower than his usual prolific standards.

The question on every hockey fan’s mind is whether he will find his scoring touch in the second half of the season and surpass 20 goals.

Ovechkin’s career, marked by extraordinary achievements, sets a high bar. Since his debut with the Capitals in the 2005-06 season, Ovechkin has consistently been a scoring powerhouse. He’s earned the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy nine times, recognizing him as the NHL’s leading goal scorer. This achievement, coupled with his record of thirteen 40-goal seasons and nine 50-goal campaigns, underscores his scoring prowess. His accolades include three Hart Memorial Trophies as the league’s most valuable player and a Stanley Cup victory in 2018. With such a decorated career, expectations are always high for Ovechkin.

Ovechkin’s Journey to Surpass 20 Goals this NHL Season

However, this season presents a unique challenge. Ovechkin, now in his 19th NHL season, has never scored fewer than 32 goals in an 82-game season, with his lowest tally being in 2010-11. Standing second in NHL history with 831 career goals, he is only 63 goals behind Wayne Gretzky’s record of 894. The current season’s statistics, while commendable, are an anomaly for a player of his caliber.

Given Ovechkin’s track record and relentless pursuit of excellence, it’s plausible that he could find his scoring touch as the season advances. His ability to adapt and overcome challenges has been a hallmark of his career. If he maintains his health and receives solid support from his teammates, surpassing 20 goals is certainly within the realm of possibility for a player of Ovechkin’s stature.

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