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Below are the 2019 NHL Playoff Predictions. Will this years Stanley Cup be a rematch of the 2004 Stanley Cup finals? See below.

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2019 NHL Playoff Predictions

2019 Eastern Conference Playoffs

Playoff Round 1

#1 seed Tampa Bay Lightning vs #8 seed Columbus Blue Jackets Tampa wins (4-2)

#2 seed Washington Capitals vs #7 seed Carolina Hurricanes Washington wins (4-1)

Division Match-ups

#2 Boston Bruins vs #3 Toronto Maple Leafs Boston wins (4-2)

#2 New York Islanders vs #3 Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh wins (4-2)

Playoff Round 2

Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins Washington wins (4-3)

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Boston Bruins Tampa wins (4-2)

Eastern Conference Finals

Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa wins (4-3)



2019 Western Conference Playoffs

Playoff Round 1

#1 seed Calgary Flames vs #8 seed Colorado Avalanche Calgary wins (4-1)

#2 seed Nashville Predators vs #7 seed Dallas Stars Nashville wins (4-3)

Division Match-ups

#2 Winnipeg Jets vs #3 St. Louis Blues St. Louis wins (4-3)

#2 San Jose Sharks vs #3 Vegas Golden Knights San Jose wins (4-3)

Playoff Round 2

Calgary Flames vs San Jose Sharks Calgary wins (4-2)

Nashville Predatos vs St. Louis Blues St. Louis wins (4-3)

Western Conference Finals

Calgary Flames vs St. Louis Blues Calgary wins (4-2)

2019 Stanley Cup Finals

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Calgary Flames Tampa Wins (4-2)


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