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View the NHL player point predictions for the 2021-22 season. How many point will Connor McDavid get? How many goals will Auston Matthews score?

NHL point projections 2021-22 season

We all know if Connor McDavid stays healthy he will lead the league in points once again. The question is how many points will...
View the 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions. Who will win the Stanley Cup? Can the Toronto Maple Leafs get past the 1st round?

NHL Predictions 2022 | NHL Playoff Predictions 2022

View the updated NHL Playoff Predictions here to see playoff matchups and predicted Stanley Cup winner. With the Seattle Kraken expansion draft and a salary...
View the Team USA 2022 Olympic roster projection. Will Auston Matthews lead Team USa to a gold medal?

Team USA 2022 Olympic Roster Projection

Here are the early 2022 Team USA Olympic Roster Projections. Will Auston Matthews lead Team USA to a gold medal? 2022 USA Olympic hockey team...
Will Connor McDavid lead Team Canada to a gold medal at the 2022 Olympics?

Team Canada Olympic hockey team projections 2022

Below are the updated Team Canada Olympic Hockey Team 2022 projected lineup. Lineups can change with injuries and player performance over the next year. Team...
NHL Point Projections 2021

NHL Point Projections 2021 – Top 100

Who will lead the NHL in Points this coming 2021 NHL season? It will likely be another points race between Nathan MacKinnon and Connor...
NHL Playoff Predictions 2021

NHL Playoff Predictions 2021

How the NHL playoffs 2021 will work is the top four teams in each division will qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where each...
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68 game rollback 2020 NHL playoff predictions

For the first time, Gary Bettman admitted that the NHL regular season might not resume and they might go straight into the playoffs. If...
Point Predictions 2019-2020 Defenceman

2019-2020 NHL Point Projections – Defenceman Edition

Will there be any breakthough defenceman this year for your hockey pool. Likely not. Brent Burns should lead the league in scoring once again...