3 teams interested in a Erik Karlsson trade

Ottawa Senators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders

Full Erik Karlsson trade rumor in link below

The Sens have the assets to make a trade but the San Jose Sharks would have to eat half of Karlsson’s salary

Ottawa Senators

New Jersey Devils

Do the Devils go all-in and make a Karlsson trade? They have the assets to make it happen.

New York Islanders

A Noah Dobson, Erik Karlsson back end would look pretty sweet, but would Karlsson want to be traded to Long Island?

Karlsson has  an $11,500,000 AVV

Is Erik Karlsson's salary cap hit tradable?

The Sharks will have to retain 50% of Karlsson's AVV to facilitate a trade.

When can you watch Erik Karlsson on TV?

Check out when San Jose is on TV and which team the Sharks are playing.


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